PROCOM Construction’s standout showroom solutions

As one of the leading local construction companies in Perth, PROCOM Construction will make your showroom a standout.

Superb showrooms designed and constructed fit for purpose

PROCOM Construction will work with you to create a showroom tailored to your needs, incorporating excellent access and ventilation to maximise functionality, while strategic lighting positioning enhances safety and mood. Our showrooms exhibit the very best in aesthetic design, with highly attractive façades that maximise exposure. Depending on your unique requirements, we can even adjust the glass and flooring volumes to achieve whatever effect you desire, as well as accommodate any signage into the design from the outset.

Years of experience. Priceless dependability

The Bellagio Group has built a reputation for creating some of the most trusted local construction companies – Perth wide. We draw upon the group’s exceptional capabilities to deliver fast, cost-efficient modern showroom solutions. You can expect a builder who is deeply committed to the most comprehensive build, with consideration given to even the finer details such as disability-friendly design and energy efficiency.

Fully costed. Fully upfront.

We pride ourselves on an honest, transparent showroom build. That’s why we believe that it takes skill and industry knowledge to ensure your investment will be a profitable one. Engage PROCOM Construction to conduct a feasibility study so you can be sure that your showroom vision is an intelligent financial decision. You can also leave the leasing price evaluation to us so we can predict potential investment revenue.

PROCOM Construction – the complete showroom solution

We take care of everything, starting from the initial design stage, where we can design your vision in-house or build off the plan. Then simply relax as we take your project right through to completion. We can even provide a full turnkey showroom solution that incorporates all the finishing touches for an immediate move-in, saving you time and money.

Inclusions in our turnkey showroom solutions:

  • Floor coverings
  • Light fittings
  • Wall painting
  • Air-conditioning
  • Brick paving
  • Fencing
  • Landscaping

Need a quality showroom solution? Partner with one of the quality builders Perth depends on. Find out why PROCOM Construction is the preferred industrial construction company or view our recent projects. Alternatively, view our design process or explore our other services - warehouses, offices and workshops. Contact us today.


“I would highly recommend Troy for commercial and investment projects. He demonstrates knowledge in construction, materials and local council guidelines. Troy delivers quality projects and is consistent with communication throughout the construction”

Cockburn Project

“We found their work to be of very high standard, professional at all times and most importantly delivered on time. We were thrilled with the quality of his work and would have no problems recommending Procom Construction again. ”


“Big thanks to Troy and the Procom Team, who delivered a warehouse that was on time and budget. We have been able to turn over a positive investment and develop our business and productivity through Procom’s warehouse construction. We recommend Troy to anybody.”

Taylor Brothers
Cockburn Project

“From the design to the required permits and everything in between but thanks to Procom it was an enjoyable experience from start to finish. We can only start by placing Procom at the top of the ladder when it comes to Building and construction.”

Rose Property Investments
Bibra Lake Project