Tilt up construction – quicker build, lower costs

PROCOM Construction – one of the premier tilt up construction companies Perth wide – is leading the charge.

What is tilt up construction?

Tilt up construction involves pouring the building's walls on-site in large slabs of concrete, which are then raised to form the exterior walls.

Benefits of tilt up construction

Compared to traditional masonry construction projects, tilt up construction allows you to construct a range of commercial buildings:

  • Quickly
  • Safely
  • More cost-effectively

Types of suitable buildings

Tilt up construction is Perth’s proven method for constructing:

What are precast concrete buildings?

Like tilt up construction, precast concrete buildings involve erecting concrete wall panels on-site. However, the difference is that the panels are pre-cast at a manufacturing facility before being transported to the site.

Benefits of precast concrete buildings over tilt up construction

Compared to tilt up construction, precast concrete buildings:

  • Are formed in an setting that offers greater quality consistency
  • Allow you to incorporate insulated panels
  • Allow you to pour the concrete regardless of the weather.

However, transport costs will vary depending on the distance of the site from the location they are formed.

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“I would highly recommend Troy for commercial and investment projects. He demonstrates knowledge in construction, materials and local council guidelines. Troy delivers quality projects and is consistent with communication throughout the construction”

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“We found their work to be of very high standard, professional at all times and most importantly delivered on time. We were thrilled with the quality of his work and would have no problems recommending Procom Construction again. ”


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